Dr Ram P Dixit
University Librarian
Head, Central Medical Library & Documentation Centre

Dr. Ram P Dixit is responsible for the development of health literature, library & information services of Central Medical Library, MGMIHS (Deemed University) & its constituent medical colleges located at Navi Mumbai & Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He is liable to streamline the functioning of other libraries established from time to time under the umbrella of MGM in the area of Dental, Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Health Management, Physiotherapy, Nursing, & Management Studies & Research etc. In addition, Dr. Dixit has been developing/strengthening with great enthusiasm and conscientiously the newly created Documentation Centre of MGMIHS

Resource Persons of MGM Central Library

Name of the Staff Status Area of Work

Dr. P. N. Khandelwal
Professor, In-Charge,Library & HoD. Dept. of Pharmacology Adviser to Librarian for implementation of work. Overall supervision day to day library activity. Advisory for making policy and planning

Mr. Sachin R Jadhav
M.A., B.Lib.I.Sc.,M.Lib.I.Sc.
Librarian Supervision of all Units of the Library/ Acquisition, Subscription Technical Processing of Books, Organization of Documents, Holding of Library Committee Meetings/ Stock Verification/ E-Library/ Preparation of Library Budget/ Plan of Action.

Mr.Pradeep R. Phadke
B.A., B.Lib.I.Sc.,M.Lib.I.Sc.
Assistant Librarian Acquisition, Subscription & technical Processing to Journals & Books for Physiotherapy. Shelving of books on stack in MGM Central Library & Departmental Library of Physiotherapy. Technical Processing of Documents/MGMJMS/ Plagiarism Checking (Research articles) / Updating Website of MGM central medical library. Providing information on Library collections /Student’s membership of Physiotherapy. Maintaining records of Dissertations & Project reports of Physiotherapy. Duties assigned by Director, MGM SOP time-to-time.

Ms.Savita Jagtap
M.A., B.Lib.I.Sc.,M.Lib.I.Sc.
Assistant Librarian Periodical section Subscription & technical Processing to journals /Binding of Reading Materials / CAS Service/ SDI Service. Upkeep of receipt of issues of journals received against subscriptions using KOHA/ILMS/Automation of entire record of journals, CDs/DVDSs / Automation of Subscription Record. Maintain AQAR Report regarding Library Journals Databases. Providing information on Library collections.

B.A., B.Lib.I.Sc., M.Lib.I.Sc.
Assistant Librarian In-charge Reference Section, IQAC Co-ordinator, Cataloguing of Books in KOHA various types Reports of generating of KOHA, Addition of Books service provider, Organization of library collection, Shelving in stack. Duties assigned by Librarian time-to-time.

M.A., B.Lib.I.Sc., M.Lib.I.Sc.
Library Assistant Acquisition, Subscription & technical Processing & Cataloguing of Books in KOHA for MGM Medical College & School of Biomedical Sciences, MGM Prosthetics and Orthotics, MGMIHS, Maintain AQAR Report regarding Library Books, Conduct Book Exhibition every year. Organization of library collection, Shelving in stack.

Mr.Vivek S. Patil
B.Sc., B.Lib.I.Sc.,M.Lib.I.Sc.
Library Assistant Technical Processing of Documents, books, Organization of library collection, Shelving in stack/ MGMJMS/ Updating Website of MGM central medical library/ Keeping records of E-Library user/Providing assistance to E-Library user for online searching of medical literature/Keeping technical records ofE-Library computers & submitting report to IT department. Duties assigned by Librarian time-to-time.

M.A., B. Ed., B.Lib.I.Sc.,M.Lib.I.Sc.
Library Assistant Information Desk & Circulation Counter/ Maintenance & Organizing of Library Collection in Open Access Hall/ Upkeep of Visitors Data/ Maintenance of Issue/ Receipt Record/ Maintenance of Library Users Record using KOHA/ILMS.

Ms.VidyadeviAthavale B.A.
Library Clerk/ Computer Operator Maintenance of Official Files & Record of Equipment & Supplies / Typing of entire Correspondence letters, Minutes of Meetings, Statements, Duty Rosters etc.; / Assisting in the compilation of MGMJMS/ Maintenance of mailing list for sending the issues of MGMJMS.