General Rules on the Use of Library

    • SILENCE should be observed in public reading areas.
    • Seats in the library may not be reserved by anyone.
    • Readers are not allowed to do joint work in the reading room.
    • Readers are allowed to remove any book they require from the shelves for use within the library.
    • Readers should not replace any book on the shelves but should hand over them to a member of the library staff or leave them on the table.
    • In case, any book is not accessible on shelf, the Library Assistant at Circulation Desk should be consulted.
    • No bags, cases, parcels or umbrellas should be brought into the library.
    • Bottles of ink or inkwells should not be brought into the library.
    • Readers should not enter in the library book racks area wearing apron.
    • Smoking, consumption of food and drinks and the use of matches or open lighters are forbidden in all part of the library open to readers.
    • No readers may enter any part of the library to which entry is forbidden.
    • The library will not accept any correspondence or telephone calls on behalf of readers.

Special Attention for the following Library Rules

  • Readers are not allowed to bring their textbooks into the library.
  • MOBILE PHONES should not be brought in to the library.
  • Any member of the library staff may demand to see what books you are   carrying out of the library. The rules of the library make it obligatory that readers should comply.
  • Visitors to the library are required to obtain permission from the Librarian    before entering.
  • Readers must produce their concerned college record book, identity card when borrowing books or any other time when called upon to do so.
  • Any disorderly or improper conduct or breach of regulations will render the reader or borrower concerned liable to suspension from the use of the   library facilities.

Personal Belongings

All outgoing publications have to be shown to the Janitor. Janitor has been empowered to search all persons coming out of the library. Unauthorized removal of anything belonging to the library will be treated as theft and dealt accordingly. Library users are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified while using the library. Any unbecoming behaviour will not be permitted. Observing silence in the library premises is a binding duty on all users.