At the end of July 2021, the number of documents held by our library was 24923 which included Textbook, Reference books, Ancient books, Special report, and other knowledge resource. Books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) are used for assigning subjects. The books and monographs are arranged at three places according to their usage, viz.  (i) Book Stacks; (ii) Reference Section; and (iii) Thesis section.

The library catalogue, which is a Dictionary Catalogue, is divided into three parts viz. by author, title and subject. For cataloguing the documents received in the library, the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules I, II are being used. The collection of Central Medical Library as well as other libraries located in the MGM campus has been automated using the Integrated Library Management System, KOHA.

The library currently receives 95 periodical titles; of these 39 are international and 56 national. As and when periodicals are received in the library, they are displayed alphabetically in the Periodicals Section. On completion of volumes, they are bound and kept in alphabetical order on the shelves.

Lending Books
(Photo of Library stacks)

The publications organized in helpful sequence in Book Stack Section may be borrowed by the health clientele for home reading using Borrower Card made available by the Library.  The Library has an open access system.  Bay guides containing information on classificatory language and its transliterated subjects have been pasted on each book rack and bookcase to facilitate users and library staff to easily retrieve the needed documents without wasting time.

Reference Books
(Photo Reference Section showing the book collection organized therein)

The collection in Reference Section consists of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, pharmacopeias, multi-volumes, monographs, etc.  In addition, it has a special collection on Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Publications organized in this Section are not for lending. These are available to PGs, faculty, educationists, health planners, and administrators for reference only within the Library premises. However, in a special case, publications kept in this Section can be issued for home reading after obtaining prior permission from the competent authority.

Recent Arrivals
(Photo of Recent Arrivals)

The Section has collection of latest editions as well as recent releases (during the previous three years) on varied subjects such as; . These include titles acquired on the recommendation of the respective subject specialists/Head of Departments. Publications are organized in Book Cases according to Subjects in user-friendly sequence.  The publications organized in Recent Arrivals section are not loaned out for home reading. However, these can be used for reference within the library premises.


(Photo of Journal Section)

The library has subscribed 229 (International: 89, National: 140) scholarly periodical titles during 2013. It has a separate room popularly know as Journal Section, for organizing the periodical collection systematically. There are nine display racks which are used for displaying the latest issues of international/national journals with a view to provide maximum visibility to users. Latest issues of 25 periodical titles can be adjusted in one Display Rack. There are two sections, such as; (i) International; and (ii) National Journals.   Latest issues of 89 international and 140 national periodical titles are displayed alphabetically in four and five Display Racks respectively. Old issues of journals are kept behind the each latest displayed issue in respective cabinet in a systematic order. 36 users can sit at a time for consulting the periodical literature in Journal Section. 8640 Back volumes of journals have been organized in alphabetical order behind the Display Racks and Corridor.


The Library has a separate area for Virtual Learning Resource Centre popularly known as E-Library with excellent state-of-the-art computer facilities having 65 Internet-connected computer terminals provides email facility and access to e-materials and e-resources. The Library has all 65 computers under Local Area Network (LAN) with internet browsing terminals, MUHS Digital Library, Delnet, and UpToDate databases which provide online access to the full text of more than 3687 e-journals and one photocopier in Reprographic Unit. It provides counseling and bibliographic assistance. It has CD & DVD-ROMs access facilities (905).

KOHA – a Integrated Library Management System has been procured and installed in the main server accessible by all users. The entire library collection has been computerized. It provides various search points such as; author, title, Subject, Barcode, Shelving Location,   Standard number, language, Publishers etc. It also provides information on journals subscribed or received on gratis/exchange including details of the last issue received, and current holdings can be seen. It provides access to journals according to alphabetical order by their name and broad subjects.

Name of the ILMS software

Nature of automation (fully or partially)


Year of automation

KOHA: Open Source Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

Fully Automated


Switch over from Libsys to KOHA:2016

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