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Hitchhiker Killed by Muslims?A girl ended up being raped

Hitchhiker Killed by Muslims?A girl ended up being raped

A female ended up being murdered and raped in Turkey within a trek for “world comfort.”

Collected via email, February 2016

On 19 February 2016, the internet site Yes I’m Right shared a tale about a lady who was simply raped and murdered while hitchhiking at the center East:

This Facebook post (and blatantly clickbaiting headline) associated with a write-up (riddled with inconsistencies, bad information, and misspellings) concerning the loss of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo, better referred to as Pippa Bacca, a doing musician who was simply killed during some sort of comfort work referred to as “Brides on Tour”:

Girl hitchhiked through the middle east to show muslims are peaceful. Whatever they did next… OMG!

We as conservatives get yourself a bad rap whenever we state Muslims and Islam don’t operate under peaceful ideologies. Liberals would argue they are doing. Well once more, the liberals are proven incorrect and regrettably, just what it took ended up being for anyone to die within the way imaginable that is worst.

Which may be a little morbid, but i believe it is essential to exhibit heart that is bleeding every thing feasible to have them to know.

Here’s a shocking and sad story that should really be shared every where to obtain your message away. a woman that is italian had been hitch hiking from Italy to Israel to market globe comfort ended up being raped and murdered by Muslims in Turkey.

Even though the Yes I’m Right tale ended up being according to a brand new York circumstances article posted in April 2008, the internet site made no try to notify its visitors that the event had occurred over eight years earlier in the day and it occurred that they were republishing a years-old story with no clarification about when. Continue reading