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Admission Outcomes Can Require Daunting Decisions

Admission Outcomes Can Require Daunting Decisions

It’s been a week that is amazing! The Great College Admissions Scandal of 2019 broke a week ago — the period that is annual of choices — and rocks on . A college that is historic confidential thread, now approaching 3,000 (!) articles, has examined all facets with this ‘pay to relax and play’ fiasco, from both a parent’s and student’s viewpoint.

Needless to say the media have now been having a field time with all of the, too. In fact, it is uncommon that you can select a news site, nevertheless, without seeing some type or sort of tale from the scandal. Pupils are suing colleges, moms and dads are suing colleges, universities are rescinding admissions, etc. It’s a higher education three-ring circus.

Plus, the timing could not become more perfect, or awful, according to which side you’re on. In a few days, the Ivy League spring choices will come out, along with those of other alleged ‘elite’ schools. These ‘elites’ are in the scandal’s bullseye. Hence, one feasible metaphor for next week’s pending decisions might be that of a rocket in the launch pad with its engines pre-ignited, ready for the shackles keeping it back to release and invite liftoff.

The liftoff that is metaphorical function as filing of lawsuits from elite applicants who are rejected. I’m certain that universities throughout the land, both elite and non-elite (whatever those phrases suggest, if such a thing), are steeled for the blowback from reject Continue reading