TravelPass enables you to bring your talk, text and information with one to a lot more than 185 countries for a reduced rate that is daily

TravelPass enables you to bring your talk, text and information with one to a lot more than 185 countries for a reduced rate that is daily

To find out more about making use of your unit internationally, head to our Overseas Travel FAQs.

General Ideas

What is TravelPass, where can i personally use it and exactly how much does it price?

TravelPass allows you to make use of your domestic talk, text and data* in above 185 nations outside of the United States for a group fee that is daily. You can easily phone in the national nation you are visiting and you may phone returning to the usa. The cost is:

  • $5/day in Mexico and Canada
    • Remember that calling, texting and data use within Mexico and Canada are included at no cost that is extra these domestic plans: Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited , Above Unlimited and brand new Verizon Arrange shared data XL and XXL sizes. Above Unlimited additionally offers you 5 TravelPasses each month.
  • $10/day various other nations where TravelPass can be utilized.

TravelPass is not for sale in non-covered nations or on cruise lines.

*High speed data pertains for the initial 0.5 GB/day with 2G reduced rates thereafter. If significantly more than 50percent of the talk, text or information use in a 60-day duration is in Canada or Mexico, usage of those solutions in those nations could be eliminated or restricted.

So how exactly does TravelPass work as soon as am I going to be charged for this?

You’re just charged for the full times that you apply your unit in a TravelPass country. A travelpass that is 24-hour session automatically whenever you make or be given a call, send a text or usage information.

In the event the unit has data being cellular data wandering switched on, a TravelPass session may be started by history information, including:

2 hours following the session begins we deliver that you text helping you discover as soon as your 24-hour TravelPass session ends. Utilizing your unit from then on session begins a session that is new.

I be charged for TravelPass if I travel to multiple countries in the same day, how will?

In the event that you go to 2 nations within an individual session that is 24-hour have layover in another country on your way to your last destination, you are nevertheless just charged for 1 session.

How can I include TravelPass to my line?

You could add TravelPass to your device’s line in my own Verizon on the web, in the My Verizon application or by texting the expressed word visit 4004.

Do i need to choose in most to use TravelPass day?

No, you don’t have to decide in almost every day. Include TravelPass when plus it remains in your line which means you’re prepared for the next journey. You are just charged for the times that you apply your unit in a TravelPass nation. There is no fee if you are in the usa.

Which nations am I able to phone with TravelPass?

With TravelPass, you’ll phone inside the nation you are visiting and you may phone back once again to the united states.

If you would like phone a country that is different add a global solution want to your line in My Verizon online or the My Verizon application. You are charged the worldwide plan rate for those phone phone calls.

Can I make use of Wi-Fi calling with TravelPass?

Wi-Fi calling is not incorporated with TravelPass. Wi-Fi calling to a nation apart from the usa is charged worldwide long-distance prices whether or perhaps not or perhaps not you’ve got a international service plan.

We reached the day-to-day speed that is high restrict on TravelPass. How do you have more speed that is high?

TravelPass offers you high-speed information for the initial 0.5 GB/day. After that, you will have 2G paid off speeds information. To obtain more high rate information:

  • We will give you a text with an offer for an additional 0.5 GB of high rate information to utilize through the exact same session that is 24-hour.
    • The excess 0.5 GB information is $5 in Mexico and Canada and ten dollars in most other TravelPass nations.
  • Answer yes to the text to obtain the added high rate information to make use of in identical session that is 24-hour.

You should buy additional 0.5 GB of high rate information numerous times during just one 24-hour session.

Note: Additional speed that is high sessions aren’t obtainable in Cyprus, Gibraltar and Greenland.

Do i have to cancel TravelPass whenever I go back to the usa?

No, you don’t have to cancel TravelPass whenever you come back to the usa. TravelPass just causes a charge that is daily you utilize your unit whilst travelling outside of the United States in a TravelPass nation.

To help you leave TravelPass on the account fully for no charge and it surely will prepare yourself to trigger an innovative new 24-hour session next time you travel abroad.