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A New Simply Take on SAT Topic Tests  Fewer than 50 universities яюE require scores

A New Simply Take on SAT Topic Tests  Fewer than 50 universities require scores through the SAT subject tests for undergraduate admission. Those who do are among the more selective universities.

Harvard has announced it shall not any longer require scores form subject tests (May, 2014).

There is a expense to SAT subject texts. The registration charge is $24.50, and every test costs a fee that is additional generally speaking $13.00 per test, except language tests which utilize listening components cost $24.00 each. You can find only 6 screening dates all in again, except for the language tests november. These costs and also the inflexible scheduling of test times seem to be a barrier for many applicants. Harvard has chose to must take these barriers away.

The change is directed at high-achieving minority students. Such pupils cannot constantly afford to just take tests that are additional. The application form procedure may be costly in itself. Minority students may also be not as sensibly advised and informed about using these extra tests, and they might not have the time of these tests due to house or work responsibilities.

In 2013, the University of California stopped requiring subjects that are SAT scores. This hit the test market hard and paid off the decision for topic studies by of a 3rd. Other schools like Georgetown while the University of Virginia are easing the subject test requirement.

But, the change is not precisely in complete force. Some of those schools still recommend the tests; others request a written explanation for perhaps not using the test. Continue reading